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A primary focus of the oil and gas industry today is on field development using wells drilled horizontally and fracture stimulated.
Mr. Long was the principle author of an article printed in the June 1988, Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT) titled “A New Approach to the Hyperbolic Curve.” That publication was the first to describe and support the methodology which today is described in many modern articles and presentation as “Modified Arps”. Dr. John Lee, Professor of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University (among a great many other accolades as most in the industry are aware), has made and continues to make presentations on the subject of
Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers Monograph 4 “Estimating Ultimate Recovery of Developed Wells in Low Permeability Reservoirs”. In those presentations, it is acknowledged that the method developed by Mr. Long and describe in the1988 paper, is the method used today to project the expected performance of the vast majority of wells of that category including essentially every horizontal well. Russ has been referred to as the father of Dmin.

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Tools – Performance and Volumetrics

Volumetric Reserve Estimates Require Estimation of a Recovery Factor

Decline Curves and Other Performance Analysis Methods Usually Proivde Greater Certainty in the Estimates

Mapping Geologic Structure and Other Parameters is Almost Always a Helpful Tool

The logging truck’s spool holds miles of wireline

Reservoir Thickness and Other Volumetric Parameters are Often Measured Using Wireline Logging Tools

Long Consultants, Inc provides engineering consulting services for clients in the petroleum and related industries. Clients include major and independent oil and gas producers, individuals, attorneys, banks and other financial institutions. Our services focus on providing opinions regarding oil and gas reserves and values. Our efforts to assist clients with their businesses often leads to a variety of management assistant projects.

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